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Deborah Clair Wattts
Riverside Ave
Picnic Point 2213
0412 407 207
Picnic Point, New South Wales and surrounding suburbs

What my clients have said...

Hi Deborah,

I just wanted to say thank you our little girl was born the day after my appointment with you on 22 October. The contractions continued to get stronger after I saw you and then the gel was used the next day. It only took 15 mins to put me into active labour at 5:30pm. She was born with no epidural just before midnight!


"I presented to Deborah Watts with pain underneath my feet and a painful heel spur.

I work in two fields, namely Education (Primary School) and as a Musician (Drummer). In my drumming I am constantly pounding my feet on pedals and carrying heavy gear before and after each gig. In my primary school work I am constantly on my feet, often negotiating stairs.

Upon visiting Deborah she assessed my feet and established that I had both plantar fasciitis and a heel spur. Deborah worked on the affected areas through reflexology techniques and gave me a series of exercises to do. These initial treatments gave me noticeable relief, especially with the plantar fasciitis pain and in both my workplaces my mobility improved and pain decreased.

Deborah pointed out that my feet, especially my left foot, were severely pronated. I have flat feet and approximately 13 years ago I had a cartilage operation on my left knee, which changed my gait.
Deborah suggested that I consider orthotics which she offered at 1/3rd of the cost of podiatrists. As she trained with a podiatrist and had an established orthotics clientele I decided to give this a try. In going through the process of assessing my feet she also recommended that my orthotics include a heel spur pad (as an add-on) to the product which would be manufactured to my specifications/needs.

Once I started wearing my new orthotics I noticed an improvement in my gait and further reduction in foot pain. From about 4 weeks onwards my heel spur gradually dissipated and no longer existed after a couple of months. That result was incredible as I only expected at most, a reduction in pain.
In achieving that result it appears that the three-way process of orthotics, special exercises Deborah gave me and targeted massage around the feet and legs, were the solution to my problems. I am now pain free in my feet as I wear the orthotics in all of my shoes, namely work shoes, joggers and happy shoes.

I am very grateful for Deborahs professional approach, the effectiveness of her reflexology and the great outcome achieved through orthotics."


"To whom it may concern,

I am a registered health professional and have attended Reflexation for reflexology and Reiki therapy over the past four years.

The service provide by Deborah Watts is second to none and it is a truly unique and much needed service in the Canterbury Bankstown area. She is a gifted practitioner who imparts her knowledge and care to improve the health of our local community. The gains in my own health over the past seven years through using this service are amazing and Deborah provides a beautiful setting for holistic healing at a very reasonable cost.

She is very conscientious and also is an exemplary citizen of the Bankstown LGA as she regularly raises money for charity through some of her services. She teaches and shares her talent to enable people to become proactive in their own health management and I have attended classes run by Deborah which has benefited me greatly in managing my own stress.

I am delighted that she is a finalist in the Bankstown Local Businsess Awards for 2016 and cannot think of a more deserving service to win this accolade.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information. "

Yours truly,
Teresa Benetos.
MHSM, BSc (Health), RN, Grad Cert Org Change, Adv Dip Project Management, Dip Business

"I began having reflexology treatments with Deborah Watts after a miscarriage to help my recovery and assist in getting my blood pressure under control. I have had regular reflexology treatments since this time.

My medical history includes essentially hypertension and diabetes; both are well controlled with medication. In 2000 I was told by a gynaecologist that if I was to get pregnant she would probably be terminating the pregnancy due to eclampsia because of my hypertension, despite this being well controlled at the time. I was encouraged by my Endocrinologist (a remarkable man) to continue to try and conceive.

I continued to see Deborah whilst I was trying to conceive and with a history of infertility and only 1 previous pregnancy this occurred quickly. I continued my reflexology treatments throughout my pregnancy. I feel that the benefits of reflexology treatments have been tremendous. Throughout my pregnancy both my blood pressure and diabetes were stable and despite the expectation that I would probably end up delivering my baby early due to medical complications, I delivered a healthy baby boy at term.

My obstetric care also included my Obstetrician, a Nephrologist and an Endocrinologist. I was viewed as a high risk patient yet I had a trouble-free pregnancy, this was to the amazement of my doctors, who had expected that I would be admitted to hospital during my pregnancy. "

Mrs MR - Campbelltown

"I have been a Reflexology client of Deborah Watts since 2007. Since this time I have had regular treatments ranging in frequency from weekly to monthly appointments.

I was referred to Deborah for treatment to address chronic health issues that were not responding to medications prescribed by my GP. I have found that reflexology has been a very successful complementary treatment with my various health issues resolved or being controlled on a smaller dose of medication prescribed and monitored by my GP. These treatments have been so beneficial my GP has included Deborah in my Chronic Disease Management Plan.

Deborah is a well-trained Reflexologist whose knowledge and experience is evident in the way she provides her treatments and the impact they have in particular on my health and wellbeing. I am aware that Deborah attends regular in-services to increase and maintain her clinical knowledge. Deborah is also able to share information about the impact of reflexology for emotional and mental health issues that relates to my own clinical practice.

Overall I feel that the benefits of reflexology treatments provided by Deborah have been tremendous and I would not hesitate to recommend Deborah as a Reflexologist as she provides a high level of customer service. I can't imagine not being able to attend reflexology treatments with Deborah as they are often a stand out feature of my week."

Mrs M R
BA(WelfStuds) (UWS), Cert Mgt TAFE ,BSocWk (CSturt), PGCertCounsFamThy (JCU), MSocWk (AdPrac)
C Sturt, JP

"Having reflexology throughout my whole pregnancy was extremely beneficial. It kept my body in balance, calm and healthy. I felt I had energy and these things I believe resulted from my regular reflexology sessions. After my miscarriage, I commenced reflexology treatments with Deborah Watts. I was on medication for depression, insulin intolerance and oroxine thyroid medication.

I knew I was in good hands because of Deborah's particular training in maternity reflexology. I had a very healthy baby girl and I couldn't have had a healthier pregnancy! Deborahs professionalism is another reason why I recommend her to my family and friends."

Mrs FV Picnic Point

"I work in law enforcement which requires me to wear police issue boots for up to 12 hours per shift. Since acquiring my custom-made orthotics from Deborah Watts, I have noticed a great improvement with my feet no more aches and pains which I had put up with for years.

I also frequent the golf course and my game has improved immensely since I had my orthotics fitted and my feet have never felt better.

My general health and wellbeing have improved and I have found my feet no longer ache after long periods exercising or working. Instead, they thank me for finally seeking treatment after 20 years of telling them I would.
Living life without niggling aches and pains, not just in my feet but also my ankles, hips and back, is like walking on air every time I take a step.

I also attend Deborahs clinic for regular reflexology treatments. "

Mr W Bibby 37 years young!

"I was not familiar nor had I any experience with reflexology until I visited the clinic of Deborah Watts for my first reflexology treatment. Whilst I was sceptical of this treatment therapy I had several visits before I realised that these reflexology treatments were beneficial to my wellbeing. I have continued with my reflexology sessions and on some visits I have noted a marked improvement with specific issues I have had. At one time I had an annoying right shoulder pain however at the end of the session the pain had reduced by about 50% with relief from my discomfort.

Deborah has compassion and a thorough professional approach to her treatments and brings not only reflexology to each treatment but energy healing, massaging and orthotic knowledge.

In summary, with each reflexology treatment I receive, I feel that Deborah puts her heart into my feet!

I have given Deborah permission to pass on my contact details if anyone wishes to speak with me about my reflexology treatments with her. "

Mr DH Peakhurst

"I have been visiting Ms Watts for the past two years at her premises in Picnic Point for reflexology therapy. As a qualified health professional myself, it is difficult to find a truly talented and effective practitioner such as Ms Watts.

Ms Watts provides a valuable service to the local community through her practice of reflexology and reiki. Her therapy room at her house in Picnic Point can only be described as a haven for relaxation and healing. Over the past year I have used her services to assist me deal with a number of personal tragedies and her care, concern and treatments have provided a cocoon of safety within which I have been able to relax and start healing.

Her premises are secluded and welcoming and access to this is via a side entrance of the house. The peace and silence experienced there are hard to find elsewhere.

I am happy to be contacted to provide further support and information. "

Mrs TB
MHSM, BSc (Health), RN, Grad Cert Org Change, Adv Dip Project Management, Dip Business.

"I am so happy to send your Certificate of Competency in Maternity Reflexology. Your work is superb. You should consider sending some of your work to Reflexology publications."

Ms Susanne Enzer
Soul to Sole Reflexology
Crookham, U.K.

"I have been receiving Reflexology from Deborah Watts in her treatment room since approximately September/October of last year for the treatment of stress, pain, Multiple Sclerosis-related issues as well as a frozen shoulder.

I have also received a Reiki treatment.

As soon as I enter the room at the rear of her home the privacy, peace and quiet immediately provides me with calmness as well as comfort. This is just one of the reasons why I see Deborah, aside from her reflexology skills.

I accredit Deborah for getting me back on track after my severe MS attack last year. Without Deborahs treatment, I would have been required to take leave of my job de to my condition. Having now been diagnosed with MS since 1998 and having many medications prescribed by doctors and treatments in other healing modalities, it is Deborahs treatments of which I have had the only success. I have loved every moment of my treatments from the moment I arrive until I leave and I always look forward to coming back!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require personal verification of this letter."

Ms T S Moorebank

"I have known Deborah Watts since 6 September 2007 when I had my first consultation with her for reflexology. Since then, I have seen her for continuing consultations on a regular three-weekly basis.

I have found her knowledge, experience, treatment & understanding of reflexology to be beneficial to myself. This has been the reason why I have continued with her treatment. I have recommended other people to her when they ask about reflexology as this is the high regard I have of her professional services.

Deborah has many professional qualifications and these are displayed in her consultation room.

Deborah is also qualified to teach and instruct in natural therapies and I have been a student at a course she has conducted as well.

I am willing to discuss the above with any person who wishes to enquire further."

Mr D H B.E. (UNSW) J.P. (NSW)

"I have been a client of Deborah Watts for the past 18 months and am seeing Deborah due to my many medical conditions including Multiple Sclerosis and Coeliac Disease. As part of my treatment I soak my feet in a footbath filled with water and essential oils. What a great way to start the treatment, soaking your feet, inhaling beautiful aromas and gazing out at the pool and birds in the trees. Pure Bliss!! All while some soothing tranquil music plays softly in the background. "

Mrs JT

"I am a client of Deborah Watts and visit her practice regularly to receive reflexology treatments.

I find Deborahs manner caring and professional and I feel comfortable receiving my treatments from her. I have found Deborahs reflexology to be beneficial in managing my stress, headaches and general well-being. The sessions are extremely relaxing and I enjoy the peaceful setting of the treatment room, particularly after a demanding day at work.

I am grateful for the service Deborah provides and it is so helpful for me that her service is local and convenient."

Mrs F V


YES! finally, some relief… I suffered a foot injury back in 2013, which developed into a Morton’s Neuroma. I was led to believe foot surgery was the answer, which only left me with a very troublesome throbbing left foot. 18 months ago I developed a painful heel spur in my right foot. I tried many off the shelf shoe inserts with minimal results. Word of mouth led me to booking a consultation with Deborah at ‘Reflexation’

I had good results with the initial reflexology treatment and was guided towards orthotics. Deborah recommended and arranged manufacture of custom orthotics designed to position my feet correctly enabling great relief for my neuroma on one foot and the heel spur in the other.

For me, the pain level to walk dropped immediately, there was a transition period of about two weeks where the lower leg muscles had to get used to my feet now being aligned correctly. I also have less lower back pain due to my feet now being in the right position when I walk, so Yes, I’m very happy with the ongoing results.

Having used the orthotics now for several months my overall pain level now when I walk is dropped by 70%. I still have troubled feet, but the orthotics make going to work for me much more enjoyable

Rob M

Riverwood, NSW


"The course was exceptional. Well thought flow of class structure. Great trainer, very understanding, patient and knowledgeable"

"I would have to honestly say the best run course I have ever attended. Deborah was always happy to demonstrate if we were not certain. Thank you"

"more than what I expected. There was balance of theory and practice activities"

"Enjoyed it immensely. Passed my expectations. Deb has a very quiet relaxed way about her. She manages to make you feel the same"

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